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Shoes are one of my ultimate addictions, next to handbags and well, uhm, actually everything. This spring and summer, everything that shines is trendy. Gold, silver, rosé, you name it. The more it shines, the better. When it comes to shoes, I already have gold ones, but when I saw these silver shoes, I was sold immediately. These shoes are heaven on earth. They fit absolutely perfect and the color is exactly how I want it. I bought these beauties in a store in my village, which had a make over recently (for those who are from the Kempen, definitely visit Veja in Merksplas, the store has so many choice, and the make over is just magnificent). When I was walking through the store, I saw something that dazzled my eyes. Even more glitter, haha. I notices the fringes and I was in love even more. These two match perfectly together, a match made in heaven, and now on my feet! I’m so happy that these walkers crossed my path, so we can walk together 🙂
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