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Hi shopping-lovers,

At the end of the year, I always have some vacation days left, whoohoo, so I decided to take a day off on a Tuesday afternoon. And nothing better a girl can do in her own is to step in her car and drive the an awesome shopping city. For me, the ideal moment for a trip to Eindhoven. N
ormally, I always go on a Saturday or during holidays, but as you probably all have experienced, shopping at a Primark on a Saturday isn’t that easy 🙂 Lot’s of people have the same thoughts, so it’s always super busy and you have to wait for ages at the fitting rooms. Believe me, it’s still busy on a Tuesday, but I enjoyed it this time, I actually had the chance to breath. I never ever go back to a Primark on a Saturday, haha. 

When I go to the Primark, I’m that type op person that puts everything she wants in her bag. Once I arrive at a fitting room, I try on as much as possible and move on. I do this two or three times, ’cause you can only take 8 items with you in the fitting room 🙂 Once I’ve seen everything, I double check my bag and take out the things I’m not sure about. That leaves me with the items I really love and that are the ones I actually buy. And of course, I love the jewelry and handbag department 🙂

There are of course more shops than only a Primark, so I also visited the H&M, Zara, etc.

If you want to see what I bought, scroll down and tell me what you think of it.

X252C2BEline 6 | Eline Van Dingenen

DSC03859 | Eline Van Dingenen

DSC03857 | Eline Van Dingenen

DSC03856 | Eline Van Dingenen

These are the most comfortable and soft sweaters I’ve ever bought. I fell in love with these items the soon I touched them 🙂 Also the perfect oversized sweaters to wear with a skinny jeans and some awesome shoes.
DSC03855 | Eline Van Dingenen

This item was on sale, I only paid € 3 for this lovely colorful T-shirt. 
DSC03854 | Eline Van DingenenThis is a skirt a bought at H&M and I really love the color and fabric of this item. Perfect for autumn and winter.

DSC03851 | Eline Van Dingenen

DSC03850 | Eline Van Dingenen

DSC03852 | Eline Van Dingenen

DSC03858 | Eline Van Dingenen

DSC03853 | Eline Van Dingenen
DSC03847 | Eline Van Dingenen

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