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DSC05335 | Eline Van Dingenen
Yesterday evening, after work, I went to the ‘Game Changers’ Expo in Momu Antwerp, together with Nikki from The Ginger Diaries. A blog about this expo will follow, so stay tuned if you want to take a look at all the beautiful creations. 

Nikki and I live very closely to each other, so it’s always a good idea to drive together. We even went to the same school when we were kids, how funny is that. Driving together is not only fun and not only gives you some good company, it is also better for our wallet, haha. I picked her up and we drove to big city Antwerp. Before we entered the museum, we took the time to shot some outfit pictures. And fun it was. The weather wasn’t my best friend as you can see. My hair was blown away all the time and I had difficulties to keep it in place. But hé, at least it resulted in lots of funny pictures and funny moments. I’m not going to show you all of them, as some are really really strange, believe me. 

Because I went to the event right after work, I wasn’t wearing something special, but just acasual work-proof outfit. I wore H&M pants and an oversized H&M shirt, Primark shoes and necklace and Biba bracelets to complete the basic, but still cool look.

AND, it’s almost weeeeekend and Easter! I already want to wish you an amazing weekend! Enjoy it the fullest!
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