A new start, a new beginning

A couple of years ago I had a blog, Fashionlorious, which doesn’t exist anymore because of some personal reasons. I don’t want to talk about that now, but hé, I’m back on track and even better than before.

I was already thinking for a while to start blogging again, so I decided to create a whole new blog with a new name and a new concept. I will write about all the things that I love and interest me, which can vary a lot. I’m back and nobody can stop me this time!

As an introduction, let me shortly introduce myself.

  • My name is Eline Van Dingenen
  • I live in the lovely village Merksplas
  • I’m a nineties kid, born in 1990
  • I love love love playing volleyball

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog, and maybe we’ll meet someday!

X, Eline

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