10 months ago, I started blogging because I love writing, I love discovering new brands and I love making new friends. After this 10 months, I can say that I accomplished all of this. And that’s why I love blogging and why I will continue to blog. It started as an online diary where I could write my own stories, my own impressions and my very own opinions. Very soon, I started to receive invitations for events, launches and, oh yes, the press days (my first ones!). For me, blogging, but also reading blogs from others, is what I love and what I do when I have some time let. In my couch, in the bus, in the train, during lunch break, in my bed… I love to read the inspirational stories of friends, discovering some amazing (not so) Belgian brands and to search for the perfect inspiration for that amazing party or trip.

For me, after these 10 months, it was time to create my own domain name .Still the same me, same layout and same context, but just a different name.  I can happily pronounce you:



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