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The perfect jeans is worth a million. And believe me, a jeans that has the perfect fit, the perfect stretch, which gives you that amazing ass and feels just amazing is very hard to find. For that, I was happy that I was invited to visit the Lee Night Shopping in Antwerp. Together with Nikki from
The Ginger Diaries,
I went to Antwerp to discover the latest collection from Lee. We entered a little bit to early, but that gave us the time to search for perfect item before anyone else is gone with it. You know it, bitch fight and stuff, hahaa! 

In one of my previous posts (here), I wrote about my love for dungarees. They are cool, fancy, fashionable and chick at the same time. You can wear them in thousand different ways, different styles and for different occasions. The perfect spring look if you ask me. When I found this lovely white one, I was sold immediately. I tried it on, Tiany brought my some lovely accessories and my look was complete. I didn’t had to thought long before I made my decision. And hup, to the pay desk. Unfortunately Nikki had to wait about 30 minutes before her parents called back and gave her a go to buy her white pants, but waiting was worth it! 

The fun part of going to an event is that you always meet some other bloggers or friends. This time, Margot from Live on sneakers crossed our path. We had a great chat and took some last pictures. Yeah, that’s what bloggers do, I guess… #Bloggersbelike…

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Eline Van Dingenen

Eline Van Dingenen

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