Im-PRESS-ive days Antwerp

Hip hoi to my first press days! They ware amazing. I’m only blogging since summer last year but still, I was invited by some PR bureaus to come to their press days. I didn’t really know what to expect despite the fact I was informed by Nikki. She told me to bring a huge bag to carry all my stuff, and guess what I didn’t brought with me? Yes indeed, that big bag. I had to carry all my goodies in separate (paper) bags while it was raining. I’d better followed her advise! I’m so sorry Nikki 🙂 Fortunately, we received a huge shopping bag from Sweet Lemon Shoes (you are amazing), so I could put all my stuff in that one bag. So much easier to carry!

It was so much fun discovering all the new (and not so new) Belgian (and not so Belgian) brands. I also met so many interesting people and I even got the chance to talk with Ankatien and Yentl from Pink ambition, whoop! *Jumps in the air from happiness* To conclude: I really enjoyed the whole but busy day so much! Thanks to everyone who made may day!

Take a look at below photo’s to see what I did, saw, ate and drank.

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Eline Van Dingenen

Eline Van Dingenen

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