CKS x Polienne

Happy new week you all! I hope you had the most amazing weekend ever and I hope you enjoyed it! Let’s kick some ass this new week. I personally really enjoyed last weekend a lot, and I also enjoyed my Thursday evening. I was invited for the CKS x Polienne Styling event, which took place at the CKS store in Antwerp. I must admit, I never visited this store before, but it’s such a nice shop. I will definitely go back. Their clothes really are so nice. You can buy the really girlish pink and pastel-colored stuff, but also the boyish and more cool looks. Every girl can find there what she’s hoping for. 

We all got the change to shop Polienne’s styles and have a lovely girly evening, with hairdressers, make up and some delicious cocktails. Below you can find some photos about the evening, the looks and the store. I’m so in love with the looks Polienne selected. It’s comfortable, but still stylish. The perfect looks for a day at the office, but also perfect to jump into your car and go on a girls night at the pub. Just by adding some details and accessories, you can create a whole new you. Thanks to CKS and Polienne for having me. I really enjoyed it (especially the sushi and yummy tummy cocktails).

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Eline Van Dingenen

Eline Van Dingenen

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