Hi all! I hope you all had a lovely week! Just a couple of days and it’s weekend again! My weeks always feels like ages, but my weekend is over before I even noticed it has started, hahaa! Well, that’s how it works I guess?! I wish I could turn around my weeks and weekends. Well, last weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Antwerp. I really am in love with Antwerp. I love the city, not only theshopping street, hahaa, but also the nice buildings, the railway station, the canal and the warm and cozy atmosphere. And for that lovely atmosphere we went to Antwerp. Especially during the month December, the atmosphere is amazing. Antwerp is changed in a small Christmas heaven. In this post I’m going to show and tell you something about this fun day.
DSC04265 | Eline Van Dingenen
It was quite cold and windy, so I decided to wear my over knee boots and a warm winter jacket. In the beginning I wasn’t convinced about the over knee boot trend. I really liked it on other girls, but I thought that it was ‘to much’ for a rural girl. But he, I may be born in a small village but that can’t stop me from wearing things I like. No one could resist me know from buying these amazing kind of shoes. I found these lovely boots at Zara, and they are just perfect. I wanted flat, black boots, made out of suede and these boots are all I wished for. It can turn around your like completely. They make you feel on top op the world. I combined these wonderful boots with a short LBD with a glitter detail on it and my look was complete. No extra details were needed, just these basic items were enough to give you a sophisticated look. In my opinion, you cannot wear the same color for bottoms and tops, but with black items, it’s always a success. 
DSC04241 | Eline Van Dingenen
DSC04242 | Eline Van Dingenen

When I think of Christmas markets, I always think of warm and delicious foods and drinks like waffles and hot chocolate. You also have the alcohol variant such as gluhwein and juniper. I really like the taste of gluhwein, I could even drink it in summer, but unfortunately, pubs don’t sell this hottie in summer. Guess what, during our walk through the lovely small stalls, we couldn’t resist all these yummieness. All the lights, Christmas trees, Christmas music and Santas made the afternoon just amazing. And since I’m addicted to coffee, no visit to Antwerp without a stop for a delicious cup of art. After that, the amazing day was just complete.

DSC04274 | Eline Van Dingenen
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 I wish your weekend was just as amazing as mine!
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