Uniqlo Styling Night

Hi all! How was your sunny weekend? I enjoyed it the fullest. It was my boyfriend’s birthday, whoop whoop. He turned 29 this weekend, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to enjoy it the fullest, as he’s training for several duathlon and triathlon competitions. But no worries, we will celebrate it later.
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Not only was my weekend full of joy, also my week. On Wednesday, I received a phone call from a private number *picks up the phone with a vibrant voice*. I’m always a bit scared when I pick up a phone when someone is calling private. I don’t know what to expect, so I try to be as nice and friendly as possible. Instead, when I know who is calling me, I can adapt my voice to this person and the situation. I didn’t know what to expect from this call, but hé, lucky me, I was invited for the Styling night at Uniqlo in Antwerp with Tiany Kirilof and Jon The Gold. For those who don’t know these people, time to come from underneath the rock, haha. And for those who don’t know who, what or were Uniqlo is, this is a quite new store in Belgium, that comes from Japan. They sell the most awesome basics in all sizes and colors you can image, with the Japanese values of simplicity. They stand for modern elegance, a perfect snit and the simplest designs.

DSC05189 | Eline Van Dingenen
DSC05221 | Eline Van Dingenen

I really enjoyed this evening. It started all with a lovely cocktail. We choose for the alcohol free one, as we had to drive home safely later that night, as brave as we are. We also enjoyed the music, the good atmosphere and of course the 20% reduction on everything. Who doesn’t want that? Want to know what this evening looked like? Don’t hesitate and scroll down.

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