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Hey all! It’s been a while since my last post, but my Christmas holiday has never been busier than this year. By Christmas, I need to move out my apartment and I’m still busy with painting my new place. On December 26, I also leave for a winter vacation, so I’m in a huge rush for the last few days. It’s not going to be ready before we leave, but I did what I could. Until the end of January, I probably will be living in a half finished apartment, but he, I know why I do it and that’s the most important thing. Once everything is finished, I’ll show you everything about my rush against time en my new place. So you can guess that taking outfit posts isn’t my priority this moment, but I have something else to share with you. 
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I’m working very hard at the moment, and it’s extra fun when you receive a lovely package in your mailbox. This time it was something Tao-licious and it quenches my thirst while I’m working off my ass. I received a package with the 4 lovely tastes of Tao. Tao pure infusion is an innovative and refreshing drink based on real tea infusions and has 4 delicious tastes. The first, and White one, is white tea with pomegranate, passion fruit and relaxing white tea. You also have the Green tea with jasmine, lime and well-being from green tea. The third one is the Black tea with orange blossom, lemon and stimulating black tea. The fourth and last taste is Rooibos tea with plum, dog rose and the calming red bush, which is also my favorite.
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The advantage of this lovely drinks is the fact that they taste delicious, they don’t contain any preservatives and are low in calories, so it’s a win-win situation.

Have you ever tried a Tao drink? 

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