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Hi all! As I’m quite new in the blogger world (I started blogging in the summer of 2015, for the second time already, but that’s a whole different story), I really enjoy the company and support of other bloggers. I was tagged by the lovely Marjolein from ‘Enjoy the little pleasures‘ to share some of my Instagram pictures of 2015. Of course not just some random pictures, but pictures with something special.

20152B 2BLaatste2Bfoto | Eline Van DingenenWhat is your last picture of 2015? 
This picture is taken during our last day of skiing of our amazing winter vacation in Switzerland. This was definitely the most amazing view of the whole week. There was a blue sky, lots of sunshine, jaccuzi’s and even palm trees. The perfect location for a siesta, haha. And so we did. We had our lunch at this lovely place and enjoyed the location the fullest.

20152B 2Beerste2Bfoto | Eline Van Dingenen
What is your first picture of 2015?
For those who follow me on Instagram or checked my photo’s already, have noticed that I do take a lot of pictures of food, woops. I try to be as healthy as possible, but I must admit that I also really like candy and other sweet stuff. This was my first picture of 2015, so I was still in a good and healthy mood. And I must admid, all my healthy intentions were broken really quick, haha!

20152B 2Bleukste2Bfoto | Eline Van DingenenWhat is the most fun photo with you?
In the summer of 2015, I attended the color run in Brussels for the first time. I asked my niece and nephew to join me and so they did. As the quote says, these are definitely the happiest 5 kilometers of the planet. We really enjoyed it, but 5 km feels like nothing if you’re having fun.

20152B 2Bheimwee | Eline Van DingenenWhich photo makes you homesick?
At the end of 2014 I went to Greece with my mom. It was the first time in 24 years that my mom and I went on vacation with just the two of us. We really enjoyed it. This is a picture I posted on Instagram in the summer of 2015 to remember myself on a lovely vacation with my amazing mom. Can I go back pleeeaaassseeee?

20152B 2Bmeeste2Blikes | Eline Van DingenenWhich photo got the most likes?
Antwerp! A city I really love, not only because of the shopping possibilities but also because the amazing buildings, just as this train station. I think this is one of the most beautiful places in Antwerp and of course very photogenic. I like to come to Antwerp by train, because it’s just so easy and it’s an extra opportunity to visit the station.

20152B 2Blekkerste2Bgerecht | Eline Van DingenenWhat is your most delicious photo?
Food, what can I say more. I am a huge fan of Italian food, especially pastas. I love them in all kinds of ways. On a weekly basis, I think I eat pasta twice or even three times, if possible. You can combine it with so many different ingredients and it tastes always different.

Which app do you use to edit your photos?
For years already I swear with the Aviary app. Most of the times I change the lightning and make sure my pictures as bright and sharp. Since I while I also add a white cover around my pictures. In my eyes, this looks really nice. One thing I learned over the years I use Instagram is to make sure that all your pictures are edited in the same theme. It gives your Instagram a clean and fresh look. Otherwise it looks a bit like a mess.

What are your most used hashtags?
I always hashtag what you can see on the picture, and also the city or place I’m into. I always use #belgianblogger and #fashionblogger, because these are hashtags I also search for. I love to discover new bloggers and lovely Instagrams.

What are your favorite accounts?
I don’t really have favorites. I actually love all the accounts I follow, otherwise I wouldn’t follow them, haha! 

Thanks again to Marjolein for this tag, and now it’s my turn to tag some lovely bloggers.
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The Instagram Tag was created by Danielle Lakeman.

X252C2BEline 10 | Eline Van Dingenen

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