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Since one year, I live in my own little apartment. I really enjoy it here. I live in the centre of my small but cosy city, which is nice. Very nice. I can go to the supermarket without using my car and I can walk to the pub or my sports club in a couple of minutes. Another interesting thing by living on your own is the fact that you don’t have to ask everything. I love the fact that I’m completely independent. In the weekends, I can go to bed at any time without someone to wait for me. I can stay in bed, the whole day without anyone noticing. Absolutely recommended on a Sunday. I can also go shopping without anyone who’s waiting for me at home, saying that I bought to much, again, haha! I now rent this apartment, and last summer I thought that it was time to buy something from my own. Which is not unusual at my age, 21 for the fourth time, haha! I found a lovely building plot, but that’s not without any costs. So in order to save me some money, I’m going to move to another apartment by the end of this year.

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I need to leave my apartment by the end of December, which makes me dream of my new place and my new interior. I can start from scratch, so I can do my own thing, the things I like and love. I need to paint, choose a kitchen and bathroom and decorate everything. And there is one site that helped a me a lot by choosing and selecting ideas for my new home. Guess what, it’s Pinterest. It has million inspirational pictures from living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Personally I’m a huge fan of the Scandinavian interiors. It’s clean, natural, very light and feels so warm. I love the combination of light colors and wood. Bringing the nature in your house, feels clean and warm at the same time. you can do it by adding plants but also by using items made from wood. I collected some of my favourite pictures. 

What style do you love for your home? Let me know!

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