My favorite Instagram accounts

Hey lovies,

Instagram. By far my favorite social media tool. As I’m quite active on Instagram (I try to post at least every day, or even twice), I like to discover new people, new hashtags or new places. You can also find some beautiful blogs or brands. For me personal, it’s important that your whole Instagram is created in the same theme. It really looks like a mess to me when different filters or different frameworks are used. Well, in some cases, it looks quite nice, but I still prefer the organized and clean look and feel.

For me personal, it was a long way of searching my personal style. I tried very light filters, I tried all different colors or themes, but since a while I try to use the same filter for all my photos. I also use a small white framework around the picture. I think this looks a bit cleaner when I open my account.

Of course, I also follow other bloggers and people. I listed some of my favorite Instagram account. Do you have favorite accounts that you follow and check on a daily basis?

– One of my favorite bloggers at the moment is Elien Migalski from Dogs and dresses. I really look up to her. Her pictures always look stunning and make me dream of such a fashionable live. I’m also jealous of her a-ma-zing hair.
Dogs2526dresses1 | Eline Van Dingenen
 – I like the next account, Valentine Helsmoortel, because of the beautiful theme and pictures. When you open her Instagram, you immediately see the lightness in her pictures. They really give me that daydream feeling.
Val helsmoortel | Eline Van Dingenen
–  The only male Instagram account in this list is, Jhonb. His style is just great, just as his outfits. He doesn’t only look good, his Instagram also looks great!
Jhonb | Eline Van Dingenen
Withlove_eve is an account I like because of the amazing pictures and outfits. The pictures are clean and minimalistic and that’s exactly the reason why I love this account.
Withlove eve | Eline Van Dingenen
– Last but definitely not least is the account of Eline Reynders. She is the girl behind the blog Your daily dose of me. I already met her in person, and she really is so nice. Also one of my favorite bloggers I look up to.
Elinerey | Eline Van Dingenen
I was just thinking that 2 out of my favorite bloggers/Instagram accounts are girls with the same name as mine. How funny is that?! Fingers crossed that my name brings me luck. I hope that my blog may grow as big as theirs, but most important, I just love blogging, no matter how many people read it.
X252C2BEline 4 | Eline Van Dingenen

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