Les Etalages

In these modern times, online shopping is definitely the most used way of shopping. It has of course lots of advantages. You can do it from behind your desk, in the couch or even on the toilet. You don’t have to get in a car and drive to a big city, pay for a parking place, getting wet when it rains and lose lots of time. In less than 5 clicks you can buy all your favorite items. And you don’t have to carry all these bags, which is normally the job of the boyfriend, hahaa. My preference depends on the weather. During the summer days, I prefer to go shopping outdoors, together with a friend and get a drink on a terrace, lovely. As you maybe already have noticed, I hate cold and dark winter days, so during these periods, I prefer to take my laptop for shopping, together with a good cup of coffee. Delicious!

Anno 2015, many new but lovely brand and shops are popping out of the ground like mushrooms. It’s really hard for them to gain notoriety and for that reason, one of my friends created a new online shopping center. It’s not just a website or a shop like so many others, it’s something unique.

It started all a year ago. She was in Gambia for 4 months for her studies, and for those who know her, she’s a real online shopper. You can imagine that online shopping isn’t the main business of the inhabitants of Gambia. As all of you, she already knew the big brands like Zalando, H&M and Zara so, it was time to take a look at the local small shops and to collect them. And so her new concept was born. Les Etalages is an online shopping street, the street of your dreams. Everyone can create an own shopping street. You only have to search for lovely brands, new designers or online boutiques and add them to your own street. You can also shop in someone else’s street.

Starting to get curious? You’re absolutely right! Hurry up and click here to visit Les Etalages.
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