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Hi all! At this moment, I’m working my last hours of this year, yeah finally! I was counting down for weeks already, but I finally made it. This week was super busy. There was no single evening I was home, but you don’t hear me complain. On Monday I had a meeting, on Tuesday I had volleyball, on Wednesday I went to the launch of the new Sneaker Freaker collection from Addmyberry for Marcoz and last but not least, yesterday, I went to the #Ikkoopbelgisch press opening. 
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Together with some other bloggers, we went to the lovely Christmas Market in Antwerp, followed by a lovely diner at the Groenplaats. As from there, me, Nikki, Ines and Pauline went directly to the Kammerstraat, where the “Ikkoopbelgisch pup up store was located. The name itself says enough. Only Belgian brands and designers are showing their pieces in this cozy place. The original initiative comes from Flanders Fashion Institute. 
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My personal favorite are the airplants from Phyt. They are just so cool! And the good thing is, you don’t have to water them as much as normal plants, which I perfect for someone like me 🙂 haha! They’re not only easy to maintain, they also look good as well. Originally, the plants are coming from California, but I guess it will be a huge trend in Belgium ass well. I’m already a huge fan!
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Next the the airplants, there were many many other brands available. The one thing I wanted to try, was the Chalo coffee. Unfortunately I was ill and didn’t taste one. So bad! Many others already told me that their coffee is just so delicious, so I guess I need to go back for another taste! It’s a good excuse, don’t you think? 😉
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