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Good morning you all!

As of today, I start my 9 days detox cure! It’s the Clean 9 cure from Forever Living. I’m very curious about what it has to offer. Am I going to feel better, am I going to lose weight or centimeters,…? All questions that are going though my head. I’m also a bit afraid of it. Am I going to be able to stack to the cure for 9 days? That’s my biggest fear. Everyone who know me, know that it is very hard for me to resist all the goodness and sweet candy. Haha, woeps! This will definitely be a huge challenge for me, but I really really want to cross the finish line. It will be hard, but worth it. There will definitely be moment were I want to give up, but hé, 9 days isn’t the end of the world, is it?! Let’s go for this – hopefully – life changing experiment! Go go goooo to myself!
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