Detox | Day 1 & 2

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Day 1 and 2 of my Clean 9 detox cure are completed. According the what I hear and read everywhere, these two days were the hardest. I wasn’t allowed to eat any food, except for some healthy vegetable or fruit snacks. These two days were filled with pills, aloe vera gels and shakes. I actually felt like a bodybuilder, they also use shakes, not to detox, but to gain muscles, but I didn’t think that that will be the case with me. And to add some extra flavor and to make me feel like I’m eating a healthy fruit smoothie instead of some vanilla powder, I added some frozen fruit like blueberries and raspberries to the mix. This was actually quite good. It tasted better than I thought. It made me dream of some summer evenings on a warm island with my feet in the sand and the blue sea behind me. There was also a taste that didn’t make me dream of summer, instead, it tasted like something I didn’t know yet, haha, the taste of aloe vera. It’s not that bad, but I wouldn’t drink it if it wasn’t to clean my body, but hé, it’s only 120 ml, so withing 3 seconds it’s gone and it’s for a charity, my own health, my own body.

I also must admit that I was quite hungry as well the first two days. My breakfast consisted of 2 softgell pills, some aloe vera gel and 1 therm tablet. I also must say that I jumped out of bed on my second day when I only pushed my snooze button twice instead of 3 times. I don’t know if this is an effect from the detox, or that I just slept more hours than normal, but at least I was ready to start the day with a fresh face. Well, after reading my own words, I think I have to make a small correction, I didn’t jumped out of bed, I just felt ready to wake up and to start my day 5 minutes earlier than normal. Let’s say, I hópe I will jump out of bed by the end of this detox cure. To be continued 😉
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