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Good morning to all of you!
Last Tuesday was my last day of the Clean 9 detox from Forever Living. My experience about the first two days can be found via this post. In this article I’m going to share my story about the other 7 days, my feelings and thoughts, but also my little breakdown.

The first week was all good. Everything went well, the smoothies were delicious and the food I made was very healthy and good. Talking about the smoothies, I think I tried every possible combination, and I must say, they are actually very delicious. Before the start I was able to choose between a chocolate and a vanilla taste. I choose for the vanilla and it was so good. Even some coconut milk and the powder turned out into a yummie-tummy vanilla soya drink. Most of the times I choose to add some frozen or fresh fruit and it felt like I was drinking a smoothie on a hot and warm summer evening. The best combination ever. 
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And than, it was weekend. I was sad and I felt down because of some issues in my private life. I went playing volleyball that weekend as well. Now, the tradition says that, after we played a match, we eat fries with the whole team. Also that weekend, we went to the best place in our village to eat fries and I was so down and sad about this personal issue, that I couldn’t resist to eat some delicious fries. I felt like I really needed them, I needed a hug from the inside. A couple of hours later I felt really disappointed, I felt like I let myself down, but the next day, I continued the Clean 9 with a fresh mind and a fresh head. Except for that one meal, I was able to continue the clean 9 and I must admit, I feel really good about that.

Talking about the feelings, I was more energetic and I felt ‘healthy’. I know that ‘healthy’ isn’t a real feeling, but I really felt good and I felt that my body became really clean. Now, I don’t really know if this feelings comes from the detox itself, or maybe it’s just in my head, but hé, that actually doesn’t mind 🙂 I felt good and happy and that’s what counts, isn’t it.
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Except for the healthy feeling, I also lost some kilos and centimeters. In 9 days, I lost about 2.5 kilograms and some inches around my belly. It isn’t that much, and I don’t really needed to lose weight or centimeters, but my stomach was flatter that it normally was. This made me dream of my summer holiday, wearing a bikini and sipping a smoothie (read cocktail) at the pool. It felt really good and it really is a boost for your self-confidence.

If you want to feel healthy and clean and also want to lose some kilograms in a short time, I would really suggest this program, but know that you have to continue this healthy life, as with every other diet, otherwise the kilos will come back easier than you’ve lost them.

Have you ever tried a detox cure? What were your thoughts about this kind of cures?

If you want to order a Clean9 Detox cure box yourself, have a look at this website.
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