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In less than two months, it’s Christmas and New Year again. I love that time of the year. I’m normally not a winter type of person. I, for example, hate cold and rainy days, I hate the fact that it gets darker around 5, but during the Christmas period, I love the winter feeling. I love sitting in my couch with a hot chocolate, a good movie, some good company and a warm blanket. I love the family moments where everyone is together. Everything, and also everyone, is so much nicer and warmer! There is something magical about Christmas. For my opinion, that’s the only week in a year that I like snow 🙂 

Well, not only the magical feeling is fun that time of the year, I also like the fact that everyone is buying little presents for each other. I’m already dreaming about all kind of lovely gifts.

Everyone is always asking to create a wishlist and I never know what to put on it, mostly because the budget is limited. Because they always say that dreams have no limits, I created the wishlist of my dreams. And like I say, the wishlist of my dreams… most items will probably never be in my company 🙂

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I always say ‘When I have enough money, I buy myself a Michael Kors’, so this lovely handbag is the ultimate number one on my wishlist. I love the design and the look and feel of this handbag. It’s a little bit more than just a classy handbag and that’s why I really love this one!
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I’m in love with lace lately, especially in underwear. It makes me feel so amazing and feminine, but also special. 

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Girls wouldn’t be girls if they don’t like jewelry, so if my boyfriend would read this.. 🙂 I especially love rosé gold jewelry. The rosé color feels so warm and lovely and you can combine them with lots of different outfit styles.

Something totally different now. Since I was a kid, I love sports. I always try to be as active as possible and this lovely activity tracker is perfect to track this. This item is from My Kronoz and counts steps, calories, hours of sleep and is also a watch with a vibrating alarm. Perfect if you want to reach your 10.000 steps a day!
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The last, but definitely the most discussed item these days, is this amazing dress of the new Balmain Collection for H&M. The whole look of this dress is just perfect. The lovely color, the pattern, the long sleeves and of course the lovely neckline. This item is definitely on my dream wishlist but will probably never be in my closet, haha!

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