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Happy Monday everyone! I wish you all a fresh and good start of a new week. Almost the last week of the month, hurray! Well, let’s talk about good starts. What is a good start? What involves a good start? These questions has a different answers for everyone! It can even change during time for one and the same person. For me personally, a good day always starts with a delicious cup of coffee, a Nescafé Caramelo. But it wasn’t always like this. For years and years I hated, well uh, let’s be honest, I loathed coffee and the smell of coffee. I didn’t likes mocha ice cream either. But since a couple of months, that has changed. I also wanted to drink these beautiful cups of art, so I challenged myself to drink coffee by the end of this year. This was a process with many small steps. I started to mix coffee with hot chocolate, that wasn’t to bad, but not the best I ever drunk. Next to that, I also tried coffee with lots and lots of milk and all different flavors. I tried different flavors like gingerbread, vanilla and caramel. And this last one was a lucky shot. I also tried different brands and a combination of Nescafé and caramel was the best coffee I ever tasted! And so, a new routine was born. Since the day I tried the Nescafé Caramelo, I was so in love that I never had a day without it since than.

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Now I’m used tho this taste, I thought that it was time to try some other flavors as well. Because I only have good experiences with Nescafé, I decided to stay loyal to the brand. I bought the Nescafé Latte Machiato and the Nescafé Frappé. I tried both of them but I must admit, I’m still in love with the Caramelo taste, so my routine will stay the same. No morning without my lovely and delicious Nescafé Caramelo.

I’m curious to your morning routine. Does it also involves a good cup of coffee, or are you more a tea kind of person? 
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