Bodum Brussels

Yesterday evening, I went to the opening of the new Bodum Store/French Press Cafe is Brussels, together with Nikki.

If you need to be in the center of Brussels on a Thursday evening, nothing better than taking a train to get there, believe me. Traffic is horrible in Brussels.

Once arrived, we were welcomed with a lovely cocktail and delicious food. In the first instance, the store just looks like a cozy coffee bar but when you enter the shop, it really is huge! I didn’t knew that Bodum has so many products and all of them are lovely!

This colorful store offers so many products, and most of them are available in different colors. Feels like a toy shop for kids. And guess what, I couldn’t resist all these lovely items, so I bought myself a nice tea pot. Perfect for a cozy Sunday morning! And also a Monday, Tuesday and the rest of the week, haha.

And of course, we didn’t left the store with empty hands. We received a great coffee or tea goodie bag with lots of amazing products! I got a handy travel mug, fresh tea, a tea egg and some colorful coffee spoons. I already know what to put on my Christmas list, I could actually use everything.

Want to visit the store ass well? You can find it in Brussels, in the Avenue de la toison d’or 26-28. Really worrh visiting!

X, Eline

DSC03797 | Eline Van Dingenen

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