White & Gold sneakers

White sneakers are a huge trend at the moment. Almost everyone has a at least one pair of it. And yes, I was also searching for the perfect pair of white sneakers, for a long time already. I’m normally not that kind of girl that follows trends blindly, but white sneakers are a must have for everyone. Young, old, man of woman, white sneakers are always a good idea! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find that one pair that make my heart skip a beat. I tried many different brand, many different styles and many different materials, but none of them stole my heart! Until now! 

Last week, I received these amazing white sneakers from Shoecolate in my mailbox. I was sold immediately. I tried them on as soon as I could and they fit right perfect. I love the fact that they’re a little bit pointy, not to much, but just enough to make them elegant. Another thing I also like and love are the golden details. Enough about these new beauties, figure it out yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚
Shoes – Shoecolate *

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Eline Van Dingenen

Eline Van Dingenen

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