Karma Karma

In my previous post, you can already find my first press day experience. If you didn’t read it yet, here is the link. At our first stop, were were immediately welcomed by Griet from Karma Karma with a lovely and oh so yummie breakfast. Karma Karma is a breakfast (or snack) in take-away cups. It’s not just oatmeal in a cup, its a mix of the most healthy and biological oats with nuts, spices and berries. 

The name Karma Karma comes from the Buddhists. They believe that what you do comes back to you, so if you eat healthy stuff, it gives you a healthy mind, but also lots of energy and a positive environment. What you eat defines who you are. Eating healthy is just a habit and Karma Karma wants to make it easier by providing you the perfect portion in small cups. Perfect for on the road, your desk or while you’re walking to the office (or when you’re shopping, skating or dancing).

There are 4 different tastes of these Karma Karma cups. Berries & almonds, pecan & Brazil nuts, chocolate & cranberries and apricot and cashew nuts. It’s the last one I tried and I must admit, it’s much better than my regular breakfast. I normally have muesli with yoghurt and nothing more but these cups are full with healthy stuff that keeps you going till noon. Definitely worth trying. If you can’t wait to try and buy them, you can shop them via this link.

Website: Karma Karma
Instagram: Karmakarmaoats

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Eline Van Dingenen

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