My week through Instagram

I’m here, sitting inside, behind my computer, while the sun is shining outside, wishing that I could enjoy the sun as well. But hé, it’s almost weekend the the expectations are fantastic. Almost twenty degrees, lots of sun. The perfect occasion for a busy but lovely weekend! I really can’t wait for the summer to start, finally. As you can see on these pictures and on my Instagram (here), you notice the spring influences a lot. I really am a spring/summer person. I can now wake up from my hibernation and start living again!

Do you have lovely plans for this sunny weekend?

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Eline Van Dingenen

Eline Van Dingenen

Leuk dat je mij blog bezoekt! Hier vind je alles terug over mijn leukste outfits, de tofste koffiebars en alle dingen die me inspireren.

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