Cocorun Launch by Zeb

Hey hallo! Good morning! Last weekend, we finally had our first real sunny day. Sunday was amazing. In fact, my whole weekend was amazing. On Saturday, I went to the Cocorun Launch from Zeb. Cocorun is a sports brand created and designed by Zeb, with shorts, pants, bra’s, tops and jackets. I had the change to try on some of these items and I must say, they fit just great. The tops for example are seamless. They don’t get itchy when you’re wearing them for a workout or a run. Also the pants are great, they have a wide band, which made them very comfortable. Because of this wide band, they also stay where they need to stay, if you know what I mean 😉 Not only the fit is perfect, also the colors are awesome. The combined the basics black and white with coral and used many cool prints. I think I’m not the only girl that gets motivated by the outfit and the lovely colors 🙂 

Like I said, we had the chance to try on some of these items, but when you wear sport clothes, you have to sport. And so we did, like hell. We had a 2-hour workout with a personal trainer. He made me feel muscles of which I didn’t even knew they exists. And still, after two days, I’m not able to walk normal. I go down the stairs like some kind of goose, haha. After two hours, when we were as red as a tomato, we were spoiled with super healthy food from Jarhheads. I never tried this, but this is só good, and the fact that it is healthy, made me feel so good after the workout. To describe that day in a couple of words: IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! 

Thanks to Zeb and the Zeb-team for all these fun moments!

For those who also want to buy these amazing items, you can find them in store already or on the webshop.


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Eline Van Dingenen

Eline Van Dingenen

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