The happiest 5k on the planet

Last weekend, I ran the happiest 5 kilometers on the planet, the Color Run. I was already aware of what the Color Run was, but I never participated before, so when I noticed there was a Color Run in Brussels, I didn’t doubt a single second and registered myself and both my niece and nephew.

We went to Brussels by train, which was already kind of a holiday feeling. I don’t know why, but I always have that kind of holiday-feelings when I travel by train. 🙂

Once arrived, we got our T-shirt, headband, tattoos and our number. But it was still a couple of hours before we could start running, so we decided to have a little meal.

Once the time was there to start, all 10.000 participant started, divided in groups of 250. The run itself was so much fun. Every kilometer, we were flooded by a new color but the last stop wasn’t a color, but lots of glitter. Everyone was dancing, crawling and rolling in the colors, really really fun!

At the finish line, we received a medial, whoohoo, some drinks from Ice tea and our own sack of powder. When about 2.000 participants made it to the finish line, there was a color blast (every 20 minutes, there was a color blast). Every individual needed to throw their own powder in the air at the same time. There was such a huge team/group feeling. Everyone was dancing and jumping around in the cloud of colors.

Definitely something to repeat!

X, Eline 

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