10 things you didn’t know about me

Hi all,

When I read other posts or just look at other blogs on the internet, Facebook or Instagram, I always find it really interesting when people are telling something personal, about their live, about their thoughts or just their story. So I thought that it was time to tell you a little bit more about myself. I’m going to tell you ten things you (probably) didn’t know about me.
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1. Since this year, I literally live between the strawberries. No lie! My parents have their own strawberry company and I live in the middle of all this yummieness.

2. I have two younger brothers. One is 22 years old and lives with his girlfriend, the other one is 15 years old and still lives with our parents.

3. I studied in the UK. This actually wasn’t the plan, but when I studied in Leuven, we got introduced to this university in Coventry and I just thought, why not. This course also wasn’t available in Belgium, so I went to the UK for 6 months to achieve my master degree in International Human Resources.

4. I have 2 tattoos and 1 piercing. I have my belly piercing for already 10 years now. My two tattoos, one on my ribs and one on my ankle are there for just a year now.

10443043 10204858732934303 308936202626565715 o | Eline Van Dingenen5. Since the age of 10 I play volleyball, which is over more than 15 years already. I really enjoy is, as all my friend are also volleyball players.

6. When I was a kid, I really liked the boy-ish stuff. I didn’t liked to dress up or play with dolls. Instead, I loved to pay outside and build camps or tree houses. This all changed when I went to high school.

7. My nickname was Barbie. Really. This wasn’t just a random nickname, but is was chosen because I’m blond (of course), but also because the structure of my hair really feels like a barbie doll.

8. Something that really annoys me, is the sound of people chewing. It really gives me jitters.

9. I hate having cold. I really don’t like winter, I always have cold feet and hands. I don’t like it when it’s dark till 9 am and its getting darker around 5 pm already. Please give me summer, the sooner, the better.

10. I had a blog before this one. I stopped with it because my previous boyfriend really didn’t like the fact that everyone could read my live on the internet. He hated it, he didn’t supported me at all. Since it is over, I though about starting a new one, and so, this one was born a couple of months later. My current boyfriend likes what I’m doing and he supports me with this, although he’s not a huge fan of taking outfit photo’s, haha.
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